Welcome to the website of APLIX servis s.r.o., a structural waterproofing and trading company.

Our firm entered the Czech market in 1992 as a physical person, Jiří Příhoda – Aplix, when it started offering a crystallisation product called XYPEX for waterproofing concrete structures. In 2000 the APLIX servis s.r.o. company was incorporated and took over almost the entire portfolio of offerings from Jiří Příhoda – APLIX, with the exception of XYPEX. This material was superseded by a similar crystallisation material, H – KRYSTAL, which is made in the Czech Republic and is more cost effective.

Thus right from its founding the Company has been intensively involved in remediating concrete and reinforced concrete structures as well as waterproofing new buildings, using the method of crystallisation inside the concrete or reinforced concrete mass.

Thanks to the managing director’s 20 years of experience, the Company has been convincingly successful in the field of crystallisation waterproofing.
The Company’s mission is to fully satisfy the needs of our clients while continuously improving our services and guaranteeing a long lasting prosperity. We are a Czech firm and our policy of continuous improvement is an essential prerequisite if we want to sustain our success in the domestic market. Our endeavour is to be a reliable partner to all our clients.
The Company has from its foundation been construed as a team, managed in the form of collaboration. Our major asset is our highly skilled and motivated employees who regard giving the best they can as something worth their while. Thanks to our future-orientated performance, we have been steadily developing and growing. Our suppliers and our clients are our partners. We have maintained a mutually beneficial relationship based on mutual undertaking aimed at improving the quality of our services on a continuous basis. The firm’s internal organisation, its clearly defined goals and concise work processes should gradually lead us towards a problem-free integration with the EU market.
The implementation of the quality management system, as well as sustained and uncompromising abidance to legal regulations, is an important instrument for achieving the stable quality of our products, maintaining a circle of loyal clients and welcoming new clients. The ever-expanding circle of clients who buy our products is the cornerstone of our prosperity.

The technology of crystallisation waterproofing is deployed by our own employees. The Company’s business activities cover the entire Czech Republic.

Regular publishing of technical articles and papers concerning the materials offered by the firm in trade magazines such as Stavitel, Stavební listy and others, allow our clients to better orient themselves in the construction industry market. We provide comprehensive technical processing consultations and technical documentation for the various materials. The product range we offer can be purchased at the Company’s address.

The H – Krystal crystallisation material we use is based on a Canadian product and meets all the requirements for high-quality waterproofing. The product’s fundamental property is the migration of catalysers into the concrete mass by osmotic pressure, triggering the formation of crystals from residuals of the hydration process products present in the capillary system.

If you want to know more about this crystallisation material, please go to www.artesacd.cz


Registered Company address:
Radlická 97
150 00 PRAHA 5, Česká republika

Management and office:
Radlická 97
150 00 Praha 5
Tel.: +420 25155 4433
E-mail: aplix@aplix.cz


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APLIX servis s.r.o. is holder of the ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001 quality management system for primary waterproofing and remediation by crystallisation.
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