We have been waterproofing by crystallisation, both as a primary treatment in new buildings as well as remediation of existing structures, since 1993. One of our first major jobs was the waterproofing of a water reservoir valve chamber with the capacity of 2 x 6,000 m3 in Temelín, and waterproofing high voltage cable collectors inside the Temelín complex in 1993-1994.
In 1994 the 2 x 6000 m3 capacity Drahonice water reservoir was also built, which was waterproofed by our firm. In 1996 design preparation works started for the reconstruction of the Czech National Bank’s headquarters at Na Příkopech Street in Prague, in which we, together with Helika, a consulting engineering firm, designed a crystallisation waterproofing system which then, as the only functioning waterproofing option, replaced the old non-functional asphalt system. When supervising this construction project, we also worked on smaller projects such as pits and waste water purification plants, always involving post-construction waterproofing. 
In 1999-2000 we, together with AED, worked on a waterproofing solution for Slovanský dům, and as the developer’s supervisor of waterproofing system installations in the four extended buildings. In 2000-2001 we remediated the waterproofing of the Four Seasons hotel by completely replacing the existing and non-functioning foil system with crystallisation waterproofing.
2001 – complete crystallisation waterproofing remediation of DOOR sedimentation tanks for Eximos at the Střeleč sand quarry.

2001-2002 crystallisation waterproofing of the base structures of Argentinská hvězda in Prague Holešovice.

2002 – remediation of Sovovy mlýny in Prague damaged by the 2002 floods, the Four Season hotel, the Jílové waste water purification plant (WWPP), the German School and waterproofing shafts with Hydraplug sealant.

In 2003 crystallisation waterproofing of a new multifunction building on the corner of Bělohorská and 8. listopadu streets.

2004 – remediation of waterproofing of a poor quality concrete structure – Poděbrady WWPP, sealing base slab channels of the AB Těšnov multifunction building, waterproofing retaining walls in the Palmovka Metro Station and sealing infiltrations at the Ruzyně Airport WWPP.
 2005 – waterproofing a railway tunnel near Česká Třebová

In these cases construction pits were 10-12 m deep, i.e. the foundations of these buildings are situated well below the ground water table.  

Photo gallery to the references:

Four Seasons
The DOOR water tank for Eximos at the Střeleč sand quarry
Argentinská hvězda in Prague Holešovice
Sovovy mlýny in Prague
Jílové WWPP
German School
Villa in Radotín
Poděbrady WWPP
AB Těšnov
Krasíkov – Česká Třebová railway tunnel
Ruzyně Airport WWPP
The lower of houses


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